“ Nothing to worry about from the heart ”

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Classify this under the topic of much ado about nothing.

Cleveland Browns linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (JOK) is called up The Jim Rome Show and talked about his project experience.

Of course, Jim Rome asked him about the reported heart problem that caused his provisional stock to drop.

How JOK responded

He ended all lingering doubts by saying that there was no concern with his heart.

JOK alluded to people having to consider the source of the information.

He also mentioned that going back to his career at Notre Dame, there was no problem.

Notre Dame Kelly coach never approached him

Coach Brian Kelly spoke about what a fantastic JOK player is and never mentioned a heart problem.

Kelly has known Joe Woods since their days together in the mid-90s at Grand Valley State University.

He said:

“I know what [Woods is] looking for. I mean, I know what everyone is looking for. They want guys who can play and don’t have to go off the pitch… Jeremiah is a guy who can play on any downhill and, man, that gives you a lot of flexibility. he is [also] is going to be a great special teams player. It just improves what you do.

This is what we know

On some mock drafts, JOK was expected to go in the first round, potentially to the Cleveland Browns with the 26th pick.

When JOK fell in the second round, the Browns traded with Carolina to drop from 59th to 52nd in the draft.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the news after the onset of a heart problem that came to light later in the teams’ due diligence process.

Remember, there was no NFL Combine this year.

In a “normal” year, players get physical exams at the NFL Combine, and all issues are posted at that time.

It’s understandable that the latest news on the health front is causing interference behind the scenes.

Andrew Berry is not affected

There was obviously something about his heart, but it must have been very minor.

The main takeaways are that the medics cleared it, JOK says it’s nothing, and Browns chief executive Andrew Berry isn’t concerned about it.

Berry said:

“No, he didn’t run a 40 on his pro day, and we knew he was a little squeamish, but he did a different job on his pro day. No, there is nothing that would stop him from moving forward with us … I can’t begin to speculate what brought him down I guess, but I can say we were very medically comfortable with him.

On 92.3 The Fan yesterday, Berry added:

“He is in perfect health. There is really nothing in his past that suggests that he cannot have a great, long career.

It’s time to move on from that story and focus on what JOK brings to the defense of the Cleveland Browns.

Welcome to Cleveland, JOK!

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