Liverpool owners defended themselves after ESL travesty

Simon Hughes has stated that Liverpool currently have “far better owners” than those that Manchester United enjoy with the Glazers.

The two clubs sparked controversy with their failed plan to form an erupting Super League alongside the Premier League ‘big six’ and a selection of Europe’s leading outfits.

“When you actually look at what they have done for the football clubs, I would say that FSG have been far better owners of Liverpool than the Glazers have of United,” the journalist spoke on The Athletic’s The Red Agenda podcast.

“I fully understand why Man United fans have just had enough now – that’s enough.

“Unfortunately, I feel the ship sailed a long time ago.

“If you think about 2005 when they took over, there was clearly a huge reaction to it, and yet the club has kind of been running for a long time.”

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Objectively speaking, the difference in attitude and response between FSG and Glazers has been night and day.

Although fans of John W. Henry apologized, they felt genuine, and as if at least some thought had been put into it – supporters were made central in words, if not, not yet through actions.

Avram Glazer’s silence, on the other hand, has held true, even during interrogations by a Sky Sports reporter, in which the Americans’ apparent indifference to the United fanbase strikes a chord with Liverpool ownership’s acknowledgment of wrongdoing.

For us in the Cup of Empire, we are not willing to apologize to FSG for their poor judgment, but we are also not willing to help push the group out of the club given their otherwise commendable (except for several other notable hiccups) management.

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