Mario Balotelli scored his own goals in training when he was in a bad mood

The car accident, the fireworks, the celebrations, the darts, the smoking, the fall … There is no end to the contradictions and legends that have followed Mario Balotelli throughout his career.

The latest story about the Italian’s eccentricity comes from former Liverpool teammate Ricky Lambert, who claims that Balotelli would purposefully score own goals in training when he was in a bad mood.

Lambert joined his boys’ club in 2014, the same summer as Balotelli, scoring 117 goals in 235 appearances for Southampton. He has appeared 36 times for Brendan Rodgers, but has rarely been a starter.

Mario Balotelli, Ricky Lambert
Ricky Lambert and Mario Balotelli were teammates in Liverpool Alex Live / Getty images

Balotelli, meanwhile, made 28 appearances for the Reds in 2014/15, scoring just four goals before being sent on loan next season.

The signing was seen as a blunder by Liverpool, who wanted the unpredictable Balotelli to replace Luis Suarez.

As Lambert recalls, the Italian national was something of a nightmare in training.

Lambert revealed (via Eurosport): “He [Balotelli] he was a good boy, childish but contagious. But once he stepped on the training field, he became a different person.

Mario Balotelli
Balotelli already plays for Monza in Serie B | Jonathan Moscrop / Getty images

“My head went to practice with him and I had to go in and tell Brandon, ‘Don’t let me on his team again.’ I think Stevie [Gerrard] he had said the same.

“I’ve never seen anything like it, to be honest. At first he gave his all when he played. But in training I could say he didn’t do his best. His head would just go. If he hadn’t been on his way, it will just ruin the session.

He would kick the ball, score an own goal. I talked to Joe Hart and the boys from England and they were like “he was like that in City”. I would ask them “how did it get out?” They just shook their heads. “

After his spell in the Premier League with Liverpool, the 30-year-old now spent time with Milan, Nice, Marseille, Brescia and now plays for Serie B of Monza, which are owned by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

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