Pundit hits out at ‘disgusting’ Man Utd fans in ‘borderline riot’

Jason McAteer believes Man Utd fans were part of a ‘borderline riot’ during their ‘disgusting’ protests against the Glazers’ ownership of the club.

Red Devils’ game against Liverpool was postponed on Sunday after a planned peaceful protest escalated into violence and an invasion of Old Trafford grounds.

The protests follow the Premier League’s failed Big Six attempt with three Italian and Spanish clubs to launch a European Super League on April 18.

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Man Utd fans have taken various positions against club ownership since the Glazers bought the Premier League outfit in 2005, but the protests were taken to a new level over the weekend.

And old Liverpool Midfielder McAteer called Sunday’s protests “irresponsible” after the game was called off at Old Trafford.

McAteer said FreeSuperTips: “My first concern was obviously the game that was going on and I thought about it from that moment, with the COVID protocol and the security aspect, with which I know Manchester United had a problem with this in the past, but with the safety aspect in the current time, I just thought the games weren’t going to play out.

“It was just irresponsible, they put lives in danger, tripods were whipped, microphones thrown, which is criminal damage, this is not a protest, this is a borderline riot.

“We’ll have to see what the repercussions are, but I understand the protests, I understand the European Super League and the fan involvement, what it all means to them.

“I am all for peaceful protests, I understand that there needs to be awareness and that more people oppose the things you can change and I strongly believe in it.

“But there has to be a right way to do it and to walk into a soccer field and act irresponsibly, right.”

“If I own Manchester United, it’s not going to make me quit, it’s going to make me angry, it’s going to annoy me, but it’s not going to make me quit.

“It’s just ridiculous, irresponsible and disgusting to be honest the way they did it, in general they let the football fans down, let alone them.”

And McAteer believes “the punishment has to match the crime” with the ex-Republic of Ireland international suggesting Liverpool could receive all three points.

McAteer added: “Giving Liverpool the three points may be an option, there will be an investigation and if they deem it necessary to hand the three points to Liverpool I think they will.

“It’s whether they want to make an example of what happened, maybe the punishment has to match the crime.”

“If the Premier League awarded Liverpool the three points it will set a precedent for the future, if it happens again then that is the punishment.”

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