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Of course, the five games of the Chinese Super League’s return to Changchun Yatai will not look out of place in Suzhou Group B.

Changchun Yatai suffered a shock relegation in 2018, thanks to Dalian Yifang’s 2-0 loss to Dalian Yifang, and the then top scorer Ighalo was absent from the starting lineup.

It took two years for the former Chinese Super League champion to return to the top league, almost losing in 2019, and then winning the Chinese Premier League in 2020-seeing them finally return to their level from 2006 to 2018.

Whenever a team jumps to the top level, how they perform and whether they will become early favorites for relegation because they are considered golf in the game will arouse many people’s interest.

For Changchun Yatai, this is far from the case. They have shown impressive performances in their first five games back to the Super League.

With the suspension of the international game day until June 23, Changchun Yatai is currently ranked second in Group B and third in the Super League, second only to Shandong Taishan and Shanghai Port. Their unbeaten record of two wins and three draws allowed them to score 9 points.

This impressive start at the beginning of the year was largely due to what they are currently considered to be the best defensive effort in the league.

In these five games, Changchun Yatai lost only one goal. This was their first-day victory over the Dalian professional team. Marcus Danielson took a penalty in the late game.

Since that day, Chen Yang’s team has conceded four consecutive zero goals. The rotation guard line includes captain Sun Jie, veteran Jiang Zhe, Hui Jiakang and Wang Peng, and imported central defender Jores Okore.

Changchun Yatai has repeatedly rotated formations in the game, 4-2-3-1, 3-4-3 and even 5-4-1 diamond formations, giving full play to the flexibility of defensive players, crowded opponents, let them It is difficult to get close to goalkeeper Shi Xiaotian.

Maintaining zero goals against Shanghai Port (0-0) and Shanghai Shenhua (1-0) is a clear sign that the team built by Chen Yang is a real deal, rather than simply having fewer opponents Score points in the case of the situation.

However, if the team wants to maintain this impressive start and secure a solid position at the end of the season, they still need to work in some areas.

Mainly because the team is not calm enough in front of the goal, so far this season has only scored three goals. JĂșnior Negrao and Erik Lima scored a goal for the club on the first day of the season, and Wang Peng scored in the 82nd minute before halftime to win the second victory of the year.

The Changchun team is very close to scoring in many situations, much more often than their manager likes.

If the team can calculate their goals scored on a more stable basis, plus a little luck and hard work, then they can really work hard to establish a strong league position in their first season of return.

With such a strong defense line, it is only a matter of time before Changchun Yatai wants to win a streak and start to achieve good results in the third offense. Now, the fans will only enjoy the series of positive results that have been achieved so far.

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