Sunday summary: Goalkeeper, Gondozi, Saliba, Willock

Everyone early.

It is quiet today. In the past 24 hours, no major events have occurred in the football world, so there is a lack of news or events worthy of reflection.

Oh, stupid me. of course. Congratulations to Brentford for qualifying for the Premier League and beating Swansea 2-0 in the playoff final. There may be some “impact” for Arsenal, if that is the correct word, because we have been with the linked goalkeeper David Raya for some time.

We hunted him down last summer, but they rejected our offer and the Spaniards signed a new agreement with a release clause. If they are promoted to the Premier League, the terms will obviously not take effect (according to James in his important article on summer transfers).

I cannot say that I am particularly worried. We are likely to need a goalkeeper this summer. We have to consider the local aspect of signing in this window, but this is a player who keeps Inaki Cana scoring. Considering that his last recommendation is Alex Kx Runason, I don’t think he won another for himself. I know it was a strange window last time, but if this is the best way he can think of, he should insist on training ground exercises. I mean, it also explains our hiring process that he even participated in, but this is another discussion entirely.

Elsewhere, according to various sources, Matteo Guenduzzi is “closely connected” to Marseille, including Equipment team with @AFC_TRANSFER_TRUTH98539402. After Villarreal won the Europa League title, he said to Unai Emery this week, “Come and pick me up, oh, please come and pick me up”. This surprised me very much. It was for some reason. , The only European final this season.

This is his tweet, in case you didn’t see it:

As a reminder, when Arsenal won the FA Cup last season, he posted congratulations to his club and teammates:

This fee is believed to be about 8 million euros, and it may go up a bit, and I do see Arsenal play a role in devaluing him. That being said, you can also argue that disciplinary issues caused him to be unceremoniously withdrawn from the team, a mediocre loan period with Hertha Berlin, a global pandemic, and the fact that his contract was only one year old. It also played a role. That, in fact, he is just a fairly ordinary player, and may never be worth people charging around.

It is interesting to see some stories about Marseilles also wanting to loan William Saliba. Take that name, remove M, replace it with N, and then we can start talking. I would even join a strong left-back, if he is a little clumsy, he can really make the sales of Marseille jerseys soar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Think about the big picture here, lads.

But to be honest, the fact that Arsenal was very openly looking for a central defender this summer makes me think that Saliba’s situation is not as intermittent as it should be. As a club, when you spend ¬£28 million on an 18-year-old player, you have to at least try to make it work, and so far-although I did understand the need for loan last season-we seem to be doing the same As much as possible, set up obstacles in any successful trading method. One worthy of attention, of course.

Finally, today, on the Arseblog news, Jon Ollington compiled a wonderful data visualization post about Joe Willock and the kind of player he is. He may not be suitable for the manager’s current style of play, but given that we are ranked 8th, he may consider changing this style.

What will happen to Joe remains to be seen, but in the summer when we may lose Xhaka, Gondozi is on the road, Lucas Torreira may follow him, and the funds are limited to introduce a substitute, I think this may be a Place him next season. Let’s see.

Yes, the sun is shining and the weather in Dublin is beautiful. I have two big dogs and they want to make sure everything in the town is as expected (no cats and squirrels), so I will leave them there for now.

There will be more content tomorrow, including the new Arsecast Extra. I wish you a good day.

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