Fabinho among trio Liverpool are ‘lucky’ to have

Liverpool assistant coach Pep Lijnders praised Fabinho’s attributes, appointing him alongside two teammates the Reds are ‘fortunate’ to have at their disposal.

The Brazilian has been instrumental in Liverpool’s success lately and has covered the Reds well in the center of defense in the absence of Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez.

But Lijnders says the team will benefit from his return to their natural position in midfield.

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The Brazilian midfielder was a vital part of the Reds’ midfielder and provided a platform in the engine room, which gave the other players around him the opportunity to flourish as the squad de Jurgen Klopp won the Champions League and Premier League titles.

That tenure, due to a relentless injury crisis, Fabinho was forced to show his mastery in the heart of the defense – although he was brought down to his preferred No.6 position in the 2-0 victory in European Cup against RB Leipzig to demonstrate why he is one of the best players in world football in the middle of the park, forcing the manager to rethink his tactics and leave Fabinho in the midfield.

“We haven’t lost our last line [due to injuries] – by losing our last row, we also lost our midfielder, ”Lijnders told official club website.

“And that’s where we lost our engine, and that’s a big problem. This is something that has created doubt in many different tactical aspects.

“Often, small problems come from one big problem. If you’re trying to fix the little issues that you don’t get anywhere, you need to fix the big problem. We’ve always tried to find the solution, but the solution needs consistency, and that was the problem, because there were always different and new issues that would come in and take the consistency out of it.

“We don’t measure ourselves against the past, but we have to understand what makes us the team that no one wants to play against. This is the main reason why we won.

“To return to Fabinho as a flagship, a real ‘six’ only shows more, the best teams and the best players like Fabinho have in common that they have a huge spirit of initiative. This is why when we talk about team development, we are indirectly talking about individual development – our idea drives that individual development.

“About Fabinho, I just want to say that he has the ability to improve the players around him. It’s really hard to find players who have the talent to make others thrive.

“There are only a few players in world football who have this natural ability to stop the counters, for example; most of them are just tactical.

“He always puts the team above himself. By the way, all of our Brazilians have this characteristic. No one loves them, everyone loves them.

“In the same package you get someone who only cares about improving the team, there is no room for the ego. He’s a real team player. Fortunately we have three, Gini and Hendo also have this characteristic.

“Having two midfielders like that is like the queen of the game of chess. You lose the queen, who defends in attack. There’s a reason the best chess players simply give up when they lose the queen.

“You need two who can control a game by being dominant without the ball. This is what we are looking for. “

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