Opinion: The centre back conundrum

I think it is non-negotiable that when Thiago Silva is fully fit again that he slots right back into that middle centre back spot at the heart of our defence.

However, this creates a huge but excellent problem for Thomas Tuchel. Who on earth comes out of that back three?

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The obvious answer is Andreas Christensen, but he has been absolutely superb since coming in for the injured Silva against Spurs eight games ago.

It would be very harsh to drop him, and he doesn’t deserve to be dropped.

But then neither does Cesar Azpilicueta or Antonio Rudiger, who have both also been excellent in the back three since Tuchel took charge.

It is a decision that will split opinions, and this is without even factoring in Reece James and Kurt Zouma, especially the latter who will be feeling totally hard done by at not being picked at all recently.

So is it wise to stick with the same three as we keep getting the results and clean sheets? Or does Silva come back in regardless, as I mentioned in the first line f this article?

Personally, I think he simply has to. And out of the rest of the centre back options, I believe Rudiger just loses out in terms of over all ability.

However, here is another problem. Can Christensen play as a left centre back? Does he have the pace to deal with the wingers? This I am not so sure about.

I realise I have not come to any solid conclusion here at the end of this article, and that just goes to prove just how difficult this decision is going to be for Tuchel…

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