May 8, 2021

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Graeme Souness describes Man United as ‘an ordinary team to watch’

Former Liverpool midfielder Graeme Souness loves nothing more than to rip into Man United star Paul Pogba, so it must be frustrating for him that the Frenchman is injured.

Never deterred, the Scotsman has decided to criticise the rest of United’s midfield instead in his column in The Sunday Times.

‘At times, as we saw in Wednesday’s 0-0 draw in the fog at Crystal Palace, they are an ordinary team to watch,’ Souness said, sharpening his pencil to the pointiest.

‘In midfield, the mix is still not right. They are over-reliant on Bruno Fernandes and if he’s not producing something then they struggle to score.

Scott McTominay is an honest player and, at 24, is only going to get better, [the Scots will never criticise one of their own], but do they win the Premier League with Nemanja Matic and Fred, who they paid £40 million and £47 million respectively for under José Mourinho?

‘They are steady Eddies who will dog it out away from home and protect your back four, but get them on the front foot and there’s no cuteness in their play.

‘The midfield is the creative arm of the team and other than Fernandes, United need someone with cuter passing, who is a better all-round player than what they have now.’

It is ironic that in his criticism, the pundit fails to mention that (arguably) United’s most creative midfielder, his old friend Pogba, is out injured and if fit, would almost certainly provide that world class spark that has been missing of late.

Of course, if Pogba was fit and playing, Souness would probably be complaining about what a wasted talent he is and how United would be better off playing Fred or Matic.

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